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Our Interoperability Work in the Decentralized Identity Foundation

· 2 min read

Our Interoperability Work in the Decentralized Identity Foundation

At TBD, we believe in a decentralized future that returns ownership and control over your finances, data, and identity. Decentralized Identity is critical to our mission. It’s what puts people in control of their own data. It is the most private, secure, and user-centric way to facilitate information exchange and verification online.

The Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) is a cooperative community that shares and advances our vision. We’re honored to work alongside members like Spruce, Transmute, and others on open standards which drive this work forward. Today we're announcing that we’ve achieved another milestone on that journey.

TBD and Spruce are the first implementers to demonstrate full interoperability for the JSON Web Signature Test Suite. These tests are a major step towards vendor interoperability. Interop is what allows standard technologies to play nicely with one another, regardless of the backing vendor implementation.

TBD and Spruce now support all five JWS algorithms for JSON Web Signature 2020 (Data Integrity Proofs) using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and W3C Verifiable Presentations (VPs).

We can only realize the full potential of Decentralized Identity if we have networks of Issuers and Verifiers that can produce and consume one another’s data. The real power of Decentralized Identity is the controlled sharing of information directly between individuals and other entities, which makes interoperability a necessity.

More details about the Conformance Test Suite that was developed by members of DIF and our interoperability test reports can be found here:

At TBD, we support open standards wherever appropriate, and all of our projects are open source. We know our efforts will only be successful if we work in public with the community. We are grateful to work with folks like Spruce and Transmute in the W3C and DIF. By collaborating on common goals in accordance with our ethos, as this achievement exemplifies, we can accelerate the adoption of Decentralized Identity.