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Twitter Spaces: A Blockchain Discussion

A series hosted by Angie Jones, where the community has open discussions about blockchain technologies and the apps built on top of them.

Blockchain, Crypto, and TBD...oh my!

GuestMike Brock

An open discussion about blockchain, bitcoin, web3, and decentralization with TBD's General Manager.

History of Blockchains

GuestRhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis, author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution, discusses the history of money, how and why blockchain was invented, and the threats and opportunities digital currencies pose.

Decentralized Identity

GuestsDaniel Buchner, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Brooklyn Zelenka

A panel discussion on Decentralized Identity (DID) where we talk use cases, benefits, DIDs vs NFTs, and what should and shouldn't go on a blockchain.

Web5: Ask Me Anything

GuestsDaniel Buchner, Moe Jangda, Henry Tsia

Members of the TBD Team answer questions about Web5.

Architectural Concerns with Blockchain

GuestGrady Booch

An open discussion about the architecture of various blockchains and why experienced software architects are concerned.

Blockchain Skepticism

GuestKelsey Hightower

An open discussion between builders, spectators, and critics.

Realities of Working on Blockchain Technologies

GuestNader Dabit

After a year of leaving AWS to work on blockchain technologies, Nader Dabit, shares what it's really like working in the space.