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The future of finance is open.

What do we mean by open? Well, let's see how many times we can use it in a sentence... We're building open source toolkits that implement open standards and protocols to open up financial access globally. Pretty good, huh? Our SDKs are even better!


An open source messaging service that enables wallet applications to communicate with financial instutitions to discover and obtain liquidity.

Web5 SDK

An open source library for creating and resolving Decentralized Identifiers, as well as issuing, presenting and verifying Verifiable Credentials.

We’re building the next generation of protocols. You’re welcome to join.

Our Philosophy

We’re building open protocols, standards, and libraries. Our projects are open source because we want everyone in the economy to benefit: individuals, businesses, institutions, and government.

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Our Protocol

The tbDEX protocol is our first system. It facilitates cross-border transactions between parties by enhancing trust and ensuring regulatory compliance, effectively managing inherent risks.

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Our Projects

Our projects provide , verifiable credentials, and decentralized communication: the building blocks for tbDEX.

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Our Approach

Decentralized. . . This is the paradigm shift evolving the web forward. Discover the concepts behind our approach.