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Web5 is open to build.

The Web5 tech preview is now ready for developers to start building decentralized applications that return ownership and control over identity and data to individuals.

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We’re building the next generation of the web – returning data back to users. You’re welcome to join.

Our Philosophy

We’re building open protocols, standards, and development communities. Our projects are open source because we want everyone in the economy to benefit: individuals, businesses, institutions, and government. Read our open source philosophy.

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Our Protocol

The tbDEX protocol is our first system. The protocol pulls together three ingredients: the potential of the internet to democratize information; the power of internet-native currency like bitcoin; and . It’s how people around the world share information, establish identity and trust, and transact directly.

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Our Projects

Our projects are the building blocks for tbDEX, , decentralized communication, and more.

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Our Approach

Decentralized. . . This is the paradigm shift evolving the web forward. Discover the concepts behind our approach.