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Announcing the Incubation Program

· 2 min read

As stewards of an open source ecosystem, we welcome innovation from the community. To encourage new ideas from folks around the world, today we launch the TBD Open Source Incubation Program.

TBD Incubation projects are managed by community contributors. They advance the decentralized web and accelerate development and adoption of the Web5 platform. Like all projects in the TBD ecosystem, they follow our Code of Conduct and Governance model, fostering an inclusive community. Incubation projects benefit from TBD’s open source programs including GitHub, and our Discord server.

When projects reach maturity, they may apply to be promoted out of Incubation into a central project.

We’ll soon be announcing our first Incubation project! More on that to come from the project founders!

Got ideas you’d like to build with us? Propose an idea in our Governance Forums, and include:

  • Statement of value to the TBD ecosystem (Web5, tbDEX, etc)
  • Link to repo and code
  • Description or graphic on user flow
  • Description or graphic on info flow between services