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Web5 App Wins did:hack Hackathon

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Web5 App Wins did Hackathon

did:hack Hackathonโ€‹

The Decentralized Identity Foundation organized did:hack, a decentralized identity hackathon designed for people to learn, collaborate, and think creatively about how decentralized identity technology can be leveraged to improve digital interactions in the future.

The 4-day virtual event included sessions from TBD, SpruceID, Dock.io, Aviary Tech, Trinsic, and Danube Tech - all providing educational sessions on ecosystem tools that enable decentralized identity and verifiable credentials.

Hackathon Projectsโ€‹

Hackathon participants gathered in small teams to build projects centered around decentralized identity. There were some amazing ideas including:

  • did:loc, a privacy preserving location sharing DID method
  • a decentralized personal finance app using Web5
  • a mobile voting app that allows people to cast a vote from a mobile phone, and verifies a voter's eligibility with a verifiable credential that belongs to a DID
  • a browser extension to display and verify DID and Verifiable Presentation data for the currently viewed website
  • did-bsv, a DID method for verifiable ordinals
  • a decentralized housing platform using DIDs and VCs for reputation tracking

Fortunately, the presentations of the projects were recorded.

Hackathon Winnerโ€‹

did hackathon winners

D-PFin, a team comprised of Moises Jaramillo, Courtney Chan and Dixita Sharegar, used Web5 to create a decentralized personal finance app that stored financial data in a DWN and provides information to the user to make financial decisions.

d-pfin process d-pfin architecture d-pfin code

We're delighted that the D-PFin team chose Web5 to build their decentralized app! It's a testament of the power of coupling decentralized personal data stores with decentralized identity. Be sure to watch the team's final presentation below.