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· 3 min read

New Web5 Assistant Powered By OpenAI

Web5 introduces a paradigm shift in the way we build applications. App-centric logins and data storage are replaced with decentralized identity and personal data stores.

While Web5 abstracts away a lot of the complexity of building decentralized apps, it would be nice to have a helping hand to answer all of your Web5 questions.

That's why we've created a Web5 Assistant in the form of a ChatGPT plugin. The Web5 Assistant is built on GPT-4 and was trained on all of our available documentation.

· 4 min read

Web Assembly

Web Assembly is a popular format for running binary applications in web browsers (with wide support).

This can have a few advantages but the interesting thing for us is that this can allow sharing of implementations of functionality: credential issuance, DID resolving, cryptographic functions, etc which you may not want to necessarily re-implement in JavaScript or TypeScript.

The SSI-SDK is an implementation of a lot of standards for self sovereign identity, so it is a great candidate to expose via WASM to web apps.