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Β· 2 min read

DIF Hackathon: Top 3 Winners!

DIF 🀝 Web5 Hackathon​

The results are in! Out of 418 participants we have our top 3 projects! We were honored to sponor a Web5 challenge with DIF Foundation. DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation) is an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open and interoperable ecosystem for decentralized identity. The challenge given was to build a decentralized web app utilizing Web5.js and Decentralized Web Nodes.

Β· 2 min read

Web5 App Wins did Hackathon

did:hack Hackathon​

The Decentralized Identity Foundation organized did:hack, a decentralized identity hackathon designed for people to learn, collaborate, and think creatively about how decentralized identity technology can be leveraged to improve digital interactions in the future.

The 4-day virtual event included sessions from TBD, SpruceID, Dock.io, Aviary Tech, Trinsic, and Danube Tech - all providing educational sessions on ecosystem tools that enable decentralized identity and verifiable credentials.

Β· 2 min read

Our Interoperability Work in the Decentralized Identity Foundation

At TBD, we believe in a decentralized future that returns ownership and control over your finances, data, and identity. Decentralized Identity is critical to our mission. It’s what puts people in control of their own data. It is the most private, secure, and user-centric way to facilitate information exchange and verification online.