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· 9 min read

Beyond Blockchain: How Web5 Enables Fully Decentralized Apps

When blockchain technology was first introduced a decade and a half ago, it made the possibility of a decentralized web seem viable to a mass audience. Since then, blockchains have proven themselves to be a poor solution to the majority of data storage problems outside of bearer assets - i.e. Bitcoin - because blockchains grow continuously without any ability to delete data, which just doesn’t make sense for things like personal data. But ‘blockchain’ isn’t synonymous with decentralization, and just because a blockchain isn’t the best solution for personal data storage doesn’t mean your app can’t be decentralized.

· 4 min read

Top 8 TBD Hackathon Winners!

As we wrap up our very first self-hosted hackathon, we're thrilled to announce that out of 1,681 participants we have our top 8. These three hackathons have been a great learning experience, and an amazing opportunity to see what unique projects developers can build with Web5. In hopes of keeping the Hackathon open we came up with 6 categories, FinTech, Health, Music and Arts, Personal Data,and Empowerment & Enablement applications. Join us in celebrating our top 3 and best application per category.👏

· 2 min read

Top 5 DevCareer Hackathon Winners!

DevCareer 🤝 Web5 Hackathon

It's winner announcement time! We're thrilled to have been a part of DevCareer's first-ever hackathon. DevCareer's mission is to cultivate new talent and make a difference in Africa through tech, and having that talent play around with our Web5.js sdk was an invaluable experience. The level of creativity resulted in us having not 3 but 5 winning projects! 🚀

· 2 min read

DIF Hackathon: Top 3 Winners!

DIF 🤝 Web5 Hackathon

The results are in! Out of 418 participants we have our top 3 projects! We were honored to sponor a Web5 challenge with DIF Foundation. DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation) is an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open and interoperable ecosystem for decentralized identity. The challenge given was to build a decentralized web app utilizing Web5.js and Decentralized Web Nodes.

· 3 min read

New Web5 Assistant Powered By OpenAI

Web5 introduces a paradigm shift in the way we build applications. App-centric logins and data storage are replaced with decentralized identity and personal data stores.

While Web5 abstracts away a lot of the complexity of building decentralized apps, it would be nice to have a helping hand to answer all of your Web5 questions.

That's why we've created a Web5 Assistant in the form of a ChatGPT plugin. The Web5 Assistant is built on GPT-4 and was trained on all of our available documentation.

· 2 min read

Web5 App Wins did Hackathon

did:hack Hackathon

The Decentralized Identity Foundation organized did:hack, a decentralized identity hackathon designed for people to learn, collaborate, and think creatively about how decentralized identity technology can be leveraged to improve digital interactions in the future.

The 4-day virtual event included sessions from TBD, SpruceID, Dock.io, Aviary Tech, Trinsic, and Danube Tech - all providing educational sessions on ecosystem tools that enable decentralized identity and verifiable credentials.

· 6 min read

The Practicality of Decentralized Identifiers

You may know what a decentralized identifier (DID) is or even how to generate one, but you may be wondering: what’s the point of yet ANOTHER way to identify myself? To get a better sense of the why behind decentralized identifiers, we’ll discuss the real problems society faces today when it comes to identity, and why DIDs are an enormous practical solution to a pervasive set of problems.

· 3 min read

What Happens To My Content If TikTok Gets Banned?

The United States’ potential ban of TikTok is the latest and loudest warning sign of our increasing need for a decentralized internet. Consumers are quickly wondering where they’ll go for their short form video content if TikTok is taken away. Creators are faced with the reality that their income could immediately dry up if the most viral social media platform to date disappears. Lastly, businesses could potentially watch one of their most powerful distribution channels go up in flames overnight.