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Web5 Roadmap

· 2 min read

Web5 Roadmap

We’re committed to an open software delivery model and therefore want to share our roadmap to Web 5.

Our major deliverables include:

  • Decentralized Identifier network node on production and publicly available
  • Decentralized Web Node on production and publicly available
  • Verifiable Credential service on production and available to partners
  • Decentralized Web Platform client/server SDK with all components bundled in a single package
  • Wallet in publicly usable state across Web, desktop and mobile
  • Decentralized Web Application runtime ready for developer reliance

Milestone 1

In Quarter 2 (Q2) of 2022, we publicly announced Web5 as an open source community initiative.

Milestone 2

In Q3, we’ll deliver initial implementations of the SSI SDK, SSI Service, and Decentralized Web Nodes .

Milestone 3

In Q1 of 2023, the SSI SDK, SSI Service, and Decentralized Web Nodes will be feature complete.

The DID network node will be deployed.

The Wallet work will begin.

Milestone 4

In Q4 of 2023, the Web5 platform components and a Wallet app with identity support will enter public beta.

Web5 is open source and we welcome your contributions!