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Welcome to your TBD community!

TBD Monthly Spotlight ✨

Shoutout to our superstar contributors! Whether you're coding, brainstorming, or cheering us on, every contribution adds magic to our community. Ready to contribute? We're looking forward to seeing your name light up this space soon! 🚀 Want a closer look at an individual's contributions? Simply click on a card to uncover more about their achievement for the month.

Rising Star Award

You joined our community and from the get go have been making your best effort to learn Web5 inside and out, from the ground up. Thank you for being part of our community. 💞

Rising Star Award

From jumping headfirst into a todo app with Web5 to answering questions straight away, it's thanks to members like you that our community is so lively. Thank you for being here.🍻

Community Champion Award

You consistently share feedback and praises for tbDEX, Web5, and open source projects as they benefit the community, you're a star! ⭐

Feedback Champion Award

Your feedback towards our documentation is one of many reasons being open source is important to us. We couldn't do this without community members like you. Thank you for your contribution! 🌟

Community Champion Award

You consistently ask great questions, are working hard to learn Web5 and help other community members get started just by posting. Thank you for being here! ❤️

Trendsetter Award

You have been consistently supportive of our projects by checking in on progress updates and even answering questions from other community members. Thank you so much for being part of our community! 🥰

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Incubation Projects

TBD Incubation projects are managed by community contributors.

Upcoming Events 🥳

Filter through our exciting events: 👀 Show & Tells for project highlights, 🏢 Office Hours for open discussions, 💡 Workshops for skill-building, 🎮 Twitch Streams for everything fun. Miss an event? checkout our YouTube channel to catch up. Whether you're with us live or watching later, we're thrilled to have you!

May 2024

TBD Innovators: Monthly Showcase

Click on each image to learn more about individual projects. Have a cool project that incorporates TBD's technologies? We'd love to hear about it! Share your work with us in Discord in our #share-what-you-do channel!

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