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This project is not actively being maintained. If you are interested in adopting it, please open an issue.

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) Service API

A web service that exposes the SSI SDK as an HTTP API.

The SSI Service facilitates all things relating to DIDs and Verifiable Credentials - in a box!

Core Functionality

  • Create and manage Decentralized Identifiers
  • Create and manage Verifiable Credentials
  • Credential status updates, including suspension and revocation
  • Interacting with the SSI ecosystem and its myriad components to:
    • Apply for credentials
    • Present credentials
    • Verify credentials
    • Create verifiable schemas

Run SSI Service


The SSI Service is packaged as a Docker container and a Docker Compose file is included to make it simple to run the service locally. First make sure you have Docker downloaded and running on your desktop.

Verify that both docker and docker-compose commands are available:

docker --version

docker-compose --version

Locally clone the SSI Service repo:

git clone https://github.com/TBD54566975/ssi-service.git

Run the Docker Compose file:

cd ssi-service/build && docker-compose up --build

If you'd like to confirm the SSI service and sub-services are functioning, check the health and readiness endpoints:

curl localhost:8080/health

The following response should be returned:


Next Steps

  • Check out the SSI Console which leverages the SSI Service to simplify credential issuance and verification via a web interface.
  • Check out the SSI SDK project.

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