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Credential Issuer Overview

Credential Issuers are fundamental to the functioning of the tbDEX network. They not only ensure secure and compliant transactions but also establish a foundation of trust essential for digital financial exchanges.

Credential Issuers are responsible for creating and distributing Verifiable Credentials (VCs) which serve as digital attestations of a party's identity or qualifications. hese credentials play a crucial role in enabling transactions within the network, encapsulating authenticated information in a digital format for secure integration and use.

The primary function of a Credential Issuer within the tbDEX network is to bridge trust between Wallets and PFIs. By independently authenticating a party's claims and issuing VCs based on this verified data, Credential Issuers add a layer of assurance and authenticity to transactions.

They enable parties to adhere to regulatory obligations and engage in financial exchanges with enhanced trust, thus upholding the network's integrity and compliance standards.

Credential Issuers provide several key functions within a tbDEX network:

  • Authentication and Attestation

    They authenticate and attest to the information provided by entities, ensuring that the data is both accurate and reliable.

  • Credential Issuance

    Issuers then issue a VC based on this authenticated information, facilitating its secure storage in a Wallet.

  • Compliance and Trust

    Through their activities, Credential Issuers assist entities in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements while enhancing the overall trustworthiness of the network. This dual role is crucial in maintaining the network's integrity and ensuring transactions adhere to established standards.

The Credential Issuer guides are intended to provide you with what you need to begin issuing credentials to tbDEX network participants.

  1. tbDEX Overview
  2. Credential Issuance

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