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Allowlisting PFIs

While tbDEX is a permissionless network where any PFI can participate, you may want to curate your own list of PFIs in which you engage with. We refer to this as allowlisting.

Allowlisting is the process of approving or recognizing specific PFIs as trusted entities. This is a recommended security measure to ensure that your application interacts only with verified and reliable PFIs within the tbDEX network.

Here are general steps your application should follow to allowlist PFIs:

Identify Potential PFIs

Research and identify PFIs that align with the types of transactions you'd like to offer to your customers. Consider factors like transaction fees, currency pairs offered, and reputation.

To determine if a PFI is part of the tbDEX network, you can check their DID document for the PFI service type:


Verify PFI Credentials

Determine if there are certain credentials you require from a PFI, such as regulatory compliance status. These may or may not be provided in the form of verifiable credentials.

Allowlist PFI

The approach you take to maintain a list of verified PFIs is your choice. This could be a database table of allowlisted PFIs, where you store details such as the PFIs' DIDs.

It's recommended that you regularly review the PFIs on your network. Monitor your customers' satisfaction when transacting with specific PFIs, and remove any that no longer meet your standards.

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