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Get Offerings

An Offering describes a currency pair that can be exchanged. They also specify any requirements, conditions, and constraints needed to fulfill the described transaction. This can include exchange rates, minimum and maximum transaction sizes, and other relevant details.

In other words, an Offering is a way of describing a financial product that a PFI is offering on a tbDEX network.

Get Offerings from PFI


Find Matching Offerings

Let's say your customer is looking to exchange USD for KES. As a wallet application, you would loop through your list of PFIs and make a request to each to obtain their list of Offerings and determine if any offer this currency pair. You'd then provide a list of the matching Offerings to Alice, showing her the options available.

Let's walk through how this is done.

Given you have a list of PFIs on your network, you can check their Offerings for any matches:


Now, you'd present the matchedOfferings to Alice.

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