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Receiving Quotes

After sending an RFQ, the PFI will respond with an exact Quote for your customer. This message will be written to the exchange.

Polling for Quote

If you did not provide a callback URI when sending a RFQ, your application will need to poll the exchange until the Quote message is written:


Quote Object

Now that you've received a Quote, you can present it to your customer and give them the option to place an Order or cancel the exchange.

The Quote will be returned in JSON form:

"metadata": {
"exchangeId": "rfq_01hj07tb0rev8avhmqd8gggnkh",
"from": " /* PFI's DID */ ",
"to": " /* Customer's DID */ ",
"protocol": "1.0",
"kind": "quote",
"id": "quote_01hj07tb6be2htn8bbx8afcjw9",
"createdAt": "2023-12-19T05:12:16.331Z"
"data": {
"expiresAt": "2024-05-01T05:00:00.000Z",
"payin": {
"currencyCode": "BTC",
"amount": "0.01",
"fee": "0.0001",
"paymentInstruction": {
"link": "https://example.com/payinInstructions",
"instruction": "Instructions for customer to pay PFI"
"payout": {
"currencyCode": "KES",
"amount": "123456789",
"paymentInstruction": {
"link": "https://example.com/payoutInstructions",
"instruction": "Instructions for PFI to pay customer"
"signature": " /* PFI's cryptographic signature */ "

Cancel Exchange

After receiving the exact Quote, your customer may decide not to place an order. In this case, you can send a Close message to the PFI which will end the exchange.

To terminate the exchange, create a Close message, sign it with the customer's Bearer DID, and send the message.


At this point, the exchange has been closed, and your customer is free to start a new exchange with this PFI or any other.

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