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Open Source Project Governance


Anyone may be a contributor to TBD projects. Contribution may take the form of:

  • Asking and answering questions on Discord or GitHub Issues
  • Filing an issue
  • Offering a feature or bug fix via a Pull Request
  • Suggesting documentation improvements
  • ...and more!
  • Anyone with a GitHub account may use the project issue trackers and communications channels. We welcome newcomers, so don't hesitate to say hi!


Maintainers have write access to GitHub repositories and act as project administrators. They approve and merge pull requests, cut releases, and guide collaboration with the community. They have:

  • Commit access to their project's repositories
  • Write access to continuous integration (CI) jobs
  • Both maintainers and non-maintainers may propose changes to source code. The mechanism to propose such a change is a GitHub pull request. Maintainers review and merge (land) pull requests.

If a maintainer opposes a proposed change, then the change cannot land. The exception is if the Governance Committee (GC) votes to approve the change despite the opposition. Usually, involving the GC is unnecessary.

Maintainer activities

  • Helping users and novice contributors
  • Contributing code and documentation changes that improve the project
  • Reviewing and commenting on issues and pull requests
  • Participation in working groups
  • Merging pull requests

Governance Committee

The TBD Open Source Governance Committee (GC) has final authority over this project, including:

  • Technical direction
  • Project governance and process (including this policy)
  • Contribution policy
  • GitHub repository hosting
  • Conduct guidelines
  • Maintaining the list of maintainers

The current GC members are:

  • Ben Boeser, Technical Partnerships Lead, TBD
  • Angie Jones, Head of Developer Relations, TBD
  • Julie Kim, Head of Legal, TBD
  • Nidhi Nahar, Head of Patents and Open Source, Block
  • Andrew Lee Rubinger, Head of Open Source, TBD

Members are not to be contacted individually. The GC may be reached through tbd-open-source-governance@squareup.com and is an available resource in mediation or for sensitive cases beyond the scope of project maintainers. It operates as a "Self-appointing council or board" as defined by Red Hat: Open Source Governance Models.